snowdogg md

For smaller trucks and SUV's

snowdogg vmd

For plow prep 1/2- Ton trucks

snowdogg hd

For 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

snowdogg ex

For 3/4 ton & Super Duty

snowdogg xp

Expanding Wing Design

snowdogg te

Trip Edge Design

snowdogg vxf

V-Plow Design

snowdogg cm

For Medium Duty Trucks 14,000 - 27,000 GVWR

snowdogg municipal


SnowDogg® Snow Plow Comparison Charts List

Since a snow plow is a big purchase, we’re sure you’d like to check out what’s available. We’ve compiled a list of all the features and benefits of all comparable plows so you can make an informed decision.

If you’re thinking about buying a salt spreader we have a comparison site for those as well: Salt Spreader Comparison Charts.

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7-1/2Ft Contractor Snow Plow Comparison Chart

7-1/2Ft V-Plow Snow Plow Comparison Chart

8Ft Contractor Snow Plow Comparison Chart

8-1/2Ft V-Plow Snow Plow Comparison Chart

Expanding Snow Plow Comparison Chart

Medium-Duty Snow Plow Comparison Chart

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